nutrition is the missing piece

required for success

What if you had an RD on Your Team?

No one can out-train their clients' poor diets!

What You'll Get Each Month:

  • weekly graphic “nutrition tips” for social media posts
    (52 annually)

  • tips can be used for an easy weekly email, shared with your Facebook group, in newsletters, or handouts, etc.


  • weekly recipe ideas (52 annually)

  • recipes will echo your health messaging

  • share in your social and/or emails


  • 2 monthly hot-topic, motivational emails Done-for-You with nutrition take-aways

  • these help them to see and feel the results of their efforts in the gym, and feel both happy and healthy along the way


  • it’s a big deal to be able to say, “I’ve got an RD on my team – if you work with me, you get nutrition expertise too!”

  • 30-minute Expert Q/A Chat once a month (recorded)

  • share your exclusive chat link with your VIPs


Working with Sohailla as the RD on my team has been extremely beneficial for me personally and for my personal training business. Having an RD on my team is what sets me apart from other personal trainers and studios in the Bay Area. Thanks to RD my team, I always have great social media posts that keep clients engaged. 

- Olga Kashyna, personal trainer

RD on Your Team Subscription

Let us fill in the missing piece so clients can see & feel results of working with you!

  • Recipes – weekly RD-approved recipes

  • Weekly Graphic Tips – my curated nutrition tip of the week for you to share on social

  • Done-for-You Emails- on nutrition hot topics so you offer value that prompts action

  • Expert Q/A Chats – monthly nutrition chat for your clients' burning questions

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